Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Easiest Quickest Way To Profit With Photos

Probably the best lesson I learned while still in high school was, if I had a relatively good camera, people would pay me to take photos and supply them with copies. Back then, taking black and white and sometimes color portraits, tourist photos of popular sites - I lived in Heidelberg Germany at the time - wedding photos, family photos, team photos for softball teams, soccer teams, football teams, baseball, etc. was really popular, easy to do and, best of all - very profitable, especially if you could do your own film developing and printing. Somewhat luckily, I had everything I needed and I made enough money to fully finance my first year in college, plus living expenses.

A lot of the old process for making sellable photos is unnecessary these days - not unlike the reasons I'm able to profit with graphic art and design these days - but earning money with photos is still a hot way to make extra cash. Also, if you continually improve the photos you take, it could become your entire full-time profession. The old overhead for photography work is completely gone, which means you don't pay for film only to throw out at least 3/4 of the shots you take, you don't pay for paper, you don't pay for developer or for someone to do all of that work for you, you don't pay to use someone else's dark room or supply one of your own. All you need is a relatively good digital camera with good size memory capacity, a fully charged battery and some extra time. Editing software makes it really easy to optimize and prepare a photo for sale and the process for uploading to the customer is smooth and easy. Anyone from a youngster to granny and grandpa can make really good money taking photos and you'll be entirely surprised at the super simple photos you can readily sell for cash.

Below, I've included a video by one of the smart people I love to listen to and learn from - King Human - who briefly discusses just one of the many sites that will pay you to take photos. Be sure to checkout the list below the video for links to the most popular most reputable pay-for-photo sites.


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