Thursday, January 14, 2016

Michael Davis' "Get Paid Taking Pictures" - Review

A couple of days ago, while looking for ways I hadn't yet tried to earn cash online, an associate told me about former Walmart employee Michael Davis' program "Get Paid Taking Pictures" and recommended I check it out. I'd mentioned I did some professional photography back in my senior year in high school and a couple of years after and she thought I should check it out. Michael's program sounded pretty interesting and more or less affordable, so I decided to give it whirl.

Once I subscribed using Clickbank, what I discovered in "Get Paid Taking Pictures" surprised me. Although I was already somewhat familiar with the information in his guides and bonus material, and considering some of the real garbage I've purchased online in the past, I was still impressed with the smooth professional marketing and the well-designed materials. It was definitely a well-built package and ideal for the absolute beginner when it comes to photography AND making money online.

The package probably doesn't offer much new value for anyone with at least some photography experience and someone who's spent more than six months marketing and/or earning money online. For the complete newbie both to photography and to earning cash online, I'd say the program is ideal. It requires absolutely no professional or even amateur experience, no fancy cameras or other equipment are required - if you have a smartphone no more than a couple years old, you probably have all the equipment you need, AND there are dozens of great apps for working with your shots to optimize their quality and easily upload them anywhere you want them to go.

The "meat" of the program is four guides:

  • "Get Paid Taking Pictures Manual" - thorough but a quick and easy to read
  • "111 Things To Photograph" - ideas on just what to photograph to make the most money
  • "10 Tips For Taking Better Pictures With Your Smartphone" - pretty basic, but handy
  • "Sites To Upload Your Photos To" - this list is probably the main value of the whole program

Sure, much of what you get in the program could probably be found with a some good Google search skills, but the program has done it all for you, put it into a slick collection you can always return to when needed, plus you're getting the benefit of Michael's previous personal trial and error, his insider tips, tricks, and knowledge, the little-known secrets, and moneymaking techniques you can't get any other way. That's the value - in my humble opinion - that you're paying for. It's certainly a plus to find someone who's done a lot of it already and can help you skip the inevitable mistakes to get down to creating great photos and making good money.

As was said once - there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. You can easily get the essential knowledge on you own, but there's only one way you can get the experience - apprentice with someone who's already done it ... or do it yourself. Obviously, the apprenticeship is the way to go.

The FAQ for the program is pretty brief - just eight pre-answered questions, but email support is available. You may not have much need of it - everything's well-written, well-organized and inclusive, but it's nice to know help is just an email away.

What's the cost like? The basic one-time fee is $77.00, but that dwindles pretty fast as you try to move or click away from the site. One-time offers start with a 50% off discount, then a price point of $27.00, then a low $19.00 offer, and finally a 14-day trial offer that's just shy of $5.00. Between you and me, the $19.00 deal is the best balance of quality, uniqueness of content, and price. Take that one if you can.

Yes, there are various upsells once you're inside, but none of them are vital to earning money with your photos. If you only pay the one-time fee, that promise is intact whether or not you take the more expensive add-ons.

The whole thing comes with a 60-day full refund guarantee so, if you get the lowest price and are still dissatisfied with the program, you can always get back everything you paid.

All-in-all, Get Paid Taking Pictures is a great place to start if you're just beginning. If you go with the offer, and using the many educational resources online with respect to photography and earn money with it, make plans to continue adding onto what you learn, build slowly, and you just might find yourself earning a surprising amount of money with digital photography.

And, at some point, it may be you teaching others how to do the same and earning a tidy profit.


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

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