Thursday, January 14, 2016

Michael Davis' "Get Paid Taking Pictures" - Review

A couple of days ago, while looking for ways I hadn't yet tried to earn cash online, an associate told me about former Walmart employee Michael Davis' program "Get Paid Taking Pictures" and recommended I check it out. I'd mentioned I did some professional photography back in my senior year in high school and a couple of years after and she thought I should check it out. Michael's program sounded pretty interesting and more or less affordable, so I decided to give it whirl.

Once I subscribed using Clickbank, what I discovered in "Get Paid Taking Pictures" surprised me. Although I was already somewhat familiar with the information in his guides and bonus material, and considering some of the real garbage I've purchased online in the past, I was still impressed with the smooth professional marketing and the well-designed materials. It was definitely a well-built package and ideal for the absolute beginner when it comes to photography AND making money online.

The package probably doesn't offer much new value for anyone with at least some photography experience and someone who's spent more than six months marketing and/or earning money online. For the complete newbie both to photography and to earning cash online, I'd say the program is ideal. It requires absolutely no professional or even amateur experience, no fancy cameras or other equipment are required - if you have a smartphone no more than a couple years old, you probably have all the equipment you need, AND there are dozens of great apps for working with your shots to optimize their quality and easily upload them anywhere you want them to go.

The "meat" of the program is four guides:

  • "Get Paid Taking Pictures Manual" - thorough but a quick and easy to read
  • "111 Things To Photograph" - ideas on just what to photograph to make the most money
  • "10 Tips For Taking Better Pictures With Your Smartphone" - pretty basic, but handy
  • "Sites To Upload Your Photos To" - this list is probably the main value of the whole program

Sure, much of what you get in the program could probably be found with a some good Google search skills, but the program has done it all for you, put it into a slick collection you can always return to when needed, plus you're getting the benefit of Michael's previous personal trial and error, his insider tips, tricks, and knowledge, the little-known secrets, and moneymaking techniques you can't get any other way. That's the value - in my humble opinion - that you're paying for. It's certainly a plus to find someone who's done a lot of it already and can help you skip the inevitable mistakes to get down to creating great photos and making good money.

As was said once - there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. You can easily get the essential knowledge on you own, but there's only one way you can get the experience - apprentice with someone who's already done it ... or do it yourself. Obviously, the apprenticeship is the way to go.

The FAQ for the program is pretty brief - just eight pre-answered questions, but email support is available. You may not have much need of it - everything's well-written, well-organized and inclusive, but it's nice to know help is just an email away.

What's the cost like? The basic one-time fee is $77.00, but that dwindles pretty fast as you try to move or click away from the site. One-time offers start with a 50% off discount, then a price point of $27.00, then a low $19.00 offer, and finally a 14-day trial offer that's just shy of $5.00. Between you and me, the $19.00 deal is the best balance of quality, uniqueness of content, and price. Take that one if you can.

Yes, there are various upsells once you're inside, but none of them are vital to earning money with your photos. If you only pay the one-time fee, that promise is intact whether or not you take the more expensive add-ons.

The whole thing comes with a 60-day full refund guarantee so, if you get the lowest price and are still dissatisfied with the program, you can always get back everything you paid.

All-in-all, Get Paid Taking Pictures is a great place to start if you're just beginning. If you go with the offer, and using the many educational resources online with respect to photography and earn money with it, make plans to continue adding onto what you learn, build slowly, and you just might find yourself earning a surprising amount of money with digital photography.

And, at some point, it may be you teaching others how to do the same and earning a tidy profit.


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

Get Paid For Your Photos At &

Just briefly, I thought I'd mention two sites where I've had good results with selling my graphic art and design through my company Naumaddic Arts.

It turns out that these two sites work really well - and easily well - for photographs too. These sites make high-quality prints, so you'll want to be sure you upload fairly large files with high dots per inch (DPI). Nothing less than 300 and 450 to 600 is probably best. Upload .png files if you can. For larger prints, a jpeg just isn't going to produce the quality you need. There are plenty of good programs for manipulating your image for best quality but, if nothing else, I'd recommend the program IrFanView. It's free and has a lot of different functions to help.

Another easy-to-use program for increasing quality I use really often is Free DCE. If you haven't heard of it before, this magical little program does an amazing job of taking a so-so photo and boosts it to print quality with just a few adjustments and a click. Download and use it - you'll be very happy you did.

At any rate, two of the sites I love posting my artwork to are Fine Art America which is building and transitioning to and, more recently, Art Pal. These two sites let you set up your own gallery - all free of charge - with nicely designed popups for each image, and provide you pretty decent traffic to sell your images. Art Pal also allows you to boost your placement in the main gallery listing for fifty cents, which will instantly show your image in first place of all other images on the site. Speaking from experience, it won't stay there long, but it doesn't slip down the rankings very quickly, so you could have your image at least among the first 100 images for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and sometimes as long as a full day or two. That's a lot of great exposure for less than a dollar.

In the video embedded below, Brad Scott Photography over at YouTube has a brief walk-through of Fine Art America to show you how that works. You should get a pretty good idea of the selling potential for your photos. Art Pal works pretty similarly. Give it a watch.


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

FOAP - An Easy Way To Sell Your SmartPhone Photos!

Yeah, sharing smartphone photos is quite an obsession with cellphone users all over the world. It's so much an obsession that apps and services like Instagram are a household word. Sharing is great, and social sites seem to fall all over themselves trying to make it easier for you to snap and upload your shots to their sites. After all, as they say "content is king" and photos are great content. Unfortunately, the social sites are making mountains of cash from content they didn't even create and they know you'll give it to them for nothing.

But what about you? You take the time, you supply the camera, you supply the creativity, the "in the right place at the right time" presence of mind to take a photo of something which, more likely than not, is going to get a few laughs or some ooo's and aahh's, like, shares, comments, and on and on. Shouldn't you earn something for the content you create that adds enormous value to the sites your using? Shouldn't you get paid taking pictures?

My answer is not only yes, but HELL yes! Luckily there are quite a few places online where, if you do your research and add in a pinch of creativity, you can make great money taking and uploading your photos - yes, even those you shoot with your smartphone or any other device like a tablet or webcam that takes relatively decent photos. Our devices these days are capable of taking some truly extraordinary shots with only a little knowledge and practice.

One of the dozens of sites I've researched and tried out is which has downloadable apps for Android and for iOS devices. The apps are free and you can earn $5.00 every time your uploaded photos are downloaded and/or used by another user.

Very cool. Just using Foap while you travel, for instance, you could fund you're entire business trip or vacation. Your obsession becomes a steady income!

Have a look at the video and check out the site. Getting paid taking pictures is a very easy, more or less no-cost way for you to earn some much needed cash. Keep it as a part-time hobby or make it a full-time profession.


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

The Easiest Quickest Way To Profit With Photos

Probably the best lesson I learned while still in high school was, if I had a relatively good camera, people would pay me to take photos and supply them with copies. Back then, taking black and white and sometimes color portraits, tourist photos of popular sites - I lived in Heidelberg Germany at the time - wedding photos, family photos, team photos for softball teams, soccer teams, football teams, baseball, etc. was really popular, easy to do and, best of all - very profitable, especially if you could do your own film developing and printing. Somewhat luckily, I had everything I needed and I made enough money to fully finance my first year in college, plus living expenses.

A lot of the old process for making sellable photos is unnecessary these days - not unlike the reasons I'm able to profit with graphic art and design these days - but earning money with photos is still a hot way to make extra cash. Also, if you continually improve the photos you take, it could become your entire full-time profession. The old overhead for photography work is completely gone, which means you don't pay for film only to throw out at least 3/4 of the shots you take, you don't pay for paper, you don't pay for developer or for someone to do all of that work for you, you don't pay to use someone else's dark room or supply one of your own. All you need is a relatively good digital camera with good size memory capacity, a fully charged battery and some extra time. Editing software makes it really easy to optimize and prepare a photo for sale and the process for uploading to the customer is smooth and easy. Anyone from a youngster to granny and grandpa can make really good money taking photos and you'll be entirely surprised at the super simple photos you can readily sell for cash.

Below, I've included a video by one of the smart people I love to listen to and learn from - King Human - who briefly discusses just one of the many sites that will pay you to take photos. Be sure to checkout the list below the video for links to the most popular most reputable pay-for-photo sites.


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

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