Thursday, January 14, 2016

FOAP - An Easy Way To Sell Your SmartPhone Photos!

Yeah, sharing smartphone photos is quite an obsession with cellphone users all over the world. It's so much an obsession that apps and services like Instagram are a household word. Sharing is great, and social sites seem to fall all over themselves trying to make it easier for you to snap and upload your shots to their sites. After all, as they say "content is king" and photos are great content. Unfortunately, the social sites are making mountains of cash from content they didn't even create and they know you'll give it to them for nothing.

But what about you? You take the time, you supply the camera, you supply the creativity, the "in the right place at the right time" presence of mind to take a photo of something which, more likely than not, is going to get a few laughs or some ooo's and aahh's, like, shares, comments, and on and on. Shouldn't you earn something for the content you create that adds enormous value to the sites your using? Shouldn't you get paid taking pictures?

My answer is not only yes, but HELL yes! Luckily there are quite a few places online where, if you do your research and add in a pinch of creativity, you can make great money taking and uploading your photos - yes, even those you shoot with your smartphone or any other device like a tablet or webcam that takes relatively decent photos. Our devices these days are capable of taking some truly extraordinary shots with only a little knowledge and practice.

One of the dozens of sites I've researched and tried out is which has downloadable apps for Android and for iOS devices. The apps are free and you can earn $5.00 every time your uploaded photos are downloaded and/or used by another user.

Very cool. Just using Foap while you travel, for instance, you could fund you're entire business trip or vacation. Your obsession becomes a steady income!

Have a look at the video and check out the site. Getting paid taking pictures is a very easy, more or less no-cost way for you to earn some much needed cash. Keep it as a part-time hobby or make it a full-time profession.


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

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